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During the 1950s, a carpenter/contractor who owned a repair garage and workshop in Culver City, built himself an exquisite boat so that he and his wife could go fishing and camping whenever they desired.  He also built a custom trailer to haul his new boat.  He spent years working on the wood interior, trims, custom-seats, storage, and Bimini style top.  He finally registered his impressive custom-made vessel in 1959.  

For the next twenty-five years, the couple would take fishing trips exploring lakes and the Pacific Ocean.  They always kept their prized boat in immaculate condition.  He always kept spare parts in his garage workshop so that he could regularly service it himself.  His boat was his passion.  

Unfortunately, their boating excursions became fewer as his construction and carpentry business took increasingly more of his time.  When he died suddenly in 1984, his wife sadly covered the boat and solemnly locked the doors to her husbandís garage and workshop.  She could not bear to be reminded of their many happy adventures together so she sealed them away and never looked at them again.  

For the next thirty years, the sport boat remained unseen, untouched, and forgotten until his wife passed away in 2013.  When their estate was settled recently, the doors to the garage and workshop were opened for the first time in decades.  The 1959 boat was brought back out into the light of day.  

Everything on the boat was just as they were left after their last boating adventure.  The boat remained in excellent condition.  His fishing hat was still on the boat.  Sitting in the vintage boat is literally like stepping back in time.  

We have carefully removed this vessel from storage and took it to Marina del Rey for expert service.  We have inspected every part of the vessel to ensure that it is safe and sea-worthy.  At the same time, we kept the boat as original as possible.  

We have all ownership documents required for this vessel in addition to a letter of assignment by the family's estate.  

This is an extraordinary vessel kept in impeccable condition.  Contact us for more information, additional photos, or to arrange a personal inspection of this exquisite vintage treasure!

We have named her DreamBuilder as a homage to its builder, a self-employed cabinet maker, who built his dream while pursuing the American Dream.

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