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a marketplace for Southern California boaters
provided by Capt Wilson Sheppard


It has been said that the two happiest days of a boater’s life are:
1) The day he or she buys a boat
2) The day he or she sells a boat

DockWire.com (DW) was developed to bring this happiness to boaters in Southern California. DW plans to accomplish this by serving as a marketplace for boats and boating equipment. Additionally, DW will serve as a reference for marine services available throughout Southern California. As with any voyage, making headway and navigating a safe course takes proper planning. We ask that your serve as our First Mate while we are underway.


Capt Wilson is a USCG licensed Boat Captain based out of Marina del Rey. In addition to developing and programming DockWire.com, he operates several commercial and recreational boats. He also teaches boat handling, gives boating seminars, and writes for boating magazines.

You can find out more about Capt Wilson by visiting his website at:


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